Vaccine Manufacturing

Vaccines are biological suspensions administered to prevent infectious diseases. Currently 100% imported, KSA has ambitions to localize manufacturing of various vaccine types (incl. toxoids, live attenuated, conjugates and recombinant protein vaccines).


Pharma & Biotech
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Investment Highlights

  • Expected Investment size in USD: 50 – 500M per antigen (dependent on antigen chosen, design complexity, automation, utilities, contamination controls)
  • Plant capacity: 80M – 120M doses annually
  • Expected IRR: 15 – 20%
  • Payback period: ~10 years
  • Job Creation: ~500 jobs, mixture of advanced postgraduate manufacturing jobs, regulatory staff and blue-collar jobs e.g., packaging, logistics
  • GDP Impact USD: 30M – 300M
  • Location (Examples): KAEC, Jeddah, Qassim Industrial Area, NEOM OXAGON, Sudair, Riyadh, Tabuk

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