Saudi Arabia's energy sector is the country's economic backbone, thanks to a large and well-established industrial base. The Kingdom’s booming economy is set to drive exceptional demand across all market segments, coupled with a renewed focus on energy efficiency and sustainable growth. Vision 2030 sets the ambitious goal of meeting over 50% of the energy mix with renewable energy sources, boosting market demand for solar, wind, tidal, and other renewables through significant government backing and private sector investments.

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Saudi Arabia has announced plans to become the region's renewable energy hub by 2030, recognizing the importance of a diverse energy mix for its long-term economic prosperity. The Kingdom also aspires to become a major manufacturing hub, offering green energy investors attractive investment opportunities in a large and underdeveloped market

  • 6th
    country worldwide for solar energy potential
  • 13th
    country worldwide for onshore wind energy potential

Value Proposition

Limitless solar and wind energy endowment

Large unsaturated regional market

Advanced knowledge-based market

Investor centric ecosystem


Saudi Arabia is home to the largest conventional energy market in the GCC. The sector is undergoing sweeping reforms that will ensure the long-term health and sustainability of the electricity sector and the achievements of the Kingdom's goal under Vision 2030. These reforms have also unlocked several investment opportunities to improve the sector's efficiency while also increasing conventional energy’s reliability and quality of services in the Kingdom.

  • 2nd
    country worldwide for the energy consumption per capita
  • 11th
    country worldwide in annual electricity production

Value Proposition

Large and growing market demand for energy

Robust infrastructure and foundation

Strong commitment to localization and private sector engagement


The energy savings is a critical component of the Kingdom's efforts to decarbonize the local energy system and meet the Kingdom's Vision 2030 sustainability goals. Additionally, the sector represents attractive opportunities to investors within the energy-saving technology manufacturing and service industries.

  • 260,000
    governmental buildings that need retrofitting for energy efficiency
  • 3M+
    street light poles that need retrofitting for energy efficiency

Value Proposition

One of the countries with largest energy consumption with increasing electricity tariffs

Strong government commitment to the growth of the energy savings industry

Advanced knowledge-based market

Tarshid established to promote energy conservation in public buildings

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