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healthcare and life sciences hub where companies will locate their research, development, production and headquarter activities across the entire biomedical value chain. On the Research and Development side, we aim to elevate and invigorate scientific research activities from early drug discovery to clinical trials. On the manufacturing front, we aspire to boost local capabilities and position Saudi Arabia as a major regional export-driven hub. On the clinical care side, we aim to enable the delivery of high quality, innovative, value-based healthcare solutions and services. To achieve these objectives and to build end-to-end capabilities in the sector, we are investing in the development of a robust infrastructure for the biomedical ecosystem. This includes multi-sectorial partnerships, favorable policies and regulations, competitive incentives, talent & expertise, and sustained financing. Our key priority areas and ambitions for the biomedical science and pharmaceutical industry include areas like clinical research, personalized medicine, value-based healthcare, AI in drug discovery, and the localization of biologics, vaccines, and cell & gene therapy.

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Pharma & Biotech Sector

  • $8.5BN
    pharmaceutical market size
  • 37%
    of MENA market share in pharmaceuticals

Value Proposition

Pharmaceuticals are in the spotlight and the market is set to skyrocket in the near future

  • Saudi Arabia's pharmaceutical market is worth $8.5 billion, accounting for about 37% of the MENA market.
  • The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% up to 2029, owing to population growth and rising demand for chronic disease treatment.
  • Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are estimated to account for 73% of all deaths in Saudi Arabia.
    • The Kingdom has a big market demand across several pharmaceutical segment including:
    • Vaccines with a market demand worth $641 million
    • Systemic antibacterial with a market demand worth $631 million
    • Oncology with a market demand worth $353 million
    • Insulin and analogs with a market demand worth $341 million
    • Immunosuppressants with a market demand worth $313 million
  • The upcoming biotechnology and biopharmaceutical hub of the MENA region

    • First mover advantage given the current limited presence of local production facilities and limited presence of leading global pharmaceuticals manufacturers.
    • Investors can serve a large, unmet local demand and expand their regional footprint due to Saudi Arabia’s strategic location and favorable trade agreements with neighboring countries

    Government commitment to unlock the sector

    • The Saudi Ministry of Investment, Industrial Clusters, and other key stakeholders provide market intelligence and offer matchmaking services, visa support and other set-up services to investors in this sector.

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