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Saudi Arabia has announced plans to become the region's renewable energy hub by 2030, recognizing the importance of a diverse energy mix for its long-term economic prosperity. The Kingdom also aspires to become a major manufacturing hub, offering green energy investors attractive investment opportunities in a large and underdeveloped market

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Renewable Energy Sector

  • 6th
    country worldwide for solar energy potential
  • 13th
    country worldwide for onshore wind energy potential

Value Proposition

Limitless solar and wind energy endowment

  • Saudi Arabia is ideally located at the center of the sunbelt and has an excellent potential for sun irradiation across most of its regions.
  • Saudi Arabia is ideally located in the Hadley cell and has an excellent potential for wind energy along the northeast, central regions and mountains in the western region.
  • Large unsaturated regional market

    • In addition to the growing local demand, manufacturers have the opportunity to meet an energy demand of 17 GW in the GCC and 70 GW in the MENA region
    • Energy companies in Saudi Arabia can leverage a logistical advantage, such as cheaper transportation costs and faster supply times to GCC bordering countries

    Advanced knowledge-based market

    • A strong ecosystem of advanced renewables research and innovation with pioneering initiatives involving many entities.
    • The renewable energy atlas and the supplier database are two examples of comprehensive market information databases .

    An investor centric ecosystem

    • Tailored investment incentives are provided to encourage private sector investments.
    • Facilitate the formation and expansion of businesses in order to make the investment experience as simple as possible.

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