Water is considered one of the most important strategic sectors in the Kingdom, as is highlighted by the inclusion of sustainable water resource management as a key objective of the Kingdom's Vision 2030. Saudi Arabia is already one of the most advanced nations in the water sector. The Kingdom is a global leader in desalination, has the largest market for water reuse in the GCC, and is a pioneer in water technology innovation, up-scaling, and research.


The Kingdom's water sector offers significant, lucrative investment opportunities, linked to a clear water sector strategy, with ambitious targets backed by a committed government. Many opportunities are emerging for domestic and foreign investors along the entire water value chain and across multiple investment dimensions, from infrastructure, through local manufacturing to sector digitalization

~$67 - BN

estimated capital investments in water and sanitation projects by 2025

5.5 - m3

per day of additional desalination capacity estimated by 2026

90 - %

of water needs to be supplied through desalination by 2030

~3,000 - km

of additional water transmission lines estimated by 2025

15 - %

targeted reduction of water leakages by 2030

95 - %+

targeted increase in sewage network coverage by 2030

5.5 - M m3

per day of additional sewage treatment capacity estimated by 2030 to achieve 100% treatment

90 - %

water reuse targeted by 2040

Value Proposition

Large and growing market demand for water

Global leader in desalination

Strong commitment to develop infrastructure beyond desalination

Ambitions to further anchor water capabilities and expertise locally

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